March 10, 2008

Well I'm happy for Brett Favre. He threw in the towel the way a true football player should. Old, beaten, destroyed, last play was an interception, sitting on the bedside staring at the floor as he tells his wife he "just doesn't have it in him anymore". That's every bit as good as Jerome Bettis' retirement, which I think most people would agree could probably go down as about the most picture perfect retirement in the history of sports. Farve should grow a giant beard and be given a box at every NFL stadium in the country for whenever he wants to watch a game, with a fixed camera on his chair.
More than that, I'm jealous of anyone who lives on the Mississippi coast. I want to go back there. What do you think, Dad? Biloxi for a weekend when I get back?
I think you guys will like golf on the Wii more than bowling. I didn't really get the bowling down, it seemed a little difficult. I can't use Tim Wandrey's patented guaranted-strike-everytime move unless it's in real life. Boohoo. Regardless, be sure I'll be jealous of this wii-ness for the next 15 months. Soon to be 14, right? Then 13... then a year. Alright I'm not gonna count down again.
Do you think you guys could pull a Prince Harry on me and get me out of here because it's too big a liability? I do hold the future of the Hoon name, you know.
I hope I can at least get my ballot in time to vote. Is there any chance that wouldn't happen? I doubt it. I at least need a little information about the candidates and what is up with their policies in these modern times. I really only studied Guiliani and now that smooth talkin' New Yorker is long gone. I meant to read Obama's books but I was lazy. Help me out here. Some Brazilians are starting to know more about what's up with the election than I am.
I got Jessica's Christmas book today in a package. It's amazing. Someone text her or call or tell her I said thank you a hundred times and that I will write her back.
Alright, I'm out of time on here. I can't wait for more letters and packages. I also got Grandma D's letter today, tell her thank you. Tell her and Gpa that I love them. How is Grandpa lately? I hope he's well. I pray for them. You guys too. Everyday. I love you. Jordan
Ps: Chelsea told me D'Antoni said we won't even make the playoffs!?!? What in the world?? Is he saying otherwise now with that win against the Spurs? Goodness Gracious.

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