PS for Feb. 4 2008

PS.....Ohhhh, this week is my first Carnaval!!! It's ridiculous. Everyone in Brazil goes crazy with drinking and dancing a having _ _ _. It's worse in Rio and Salvador but it's still pretty rough here. Not an easy time for teaching. Also, everything is closed. It's a big deal here. Second only to the World Cup--which, if it was happening during my mission we would be allowed to watch. The only hours of TV that missionaries in Brazil are allowed. Ha. Lex, you should have gone to San Diego in M Green for Carnaval. It's probably fun American style. We should go when I get back. Alright guys that is allllll. Jordan

February 4, 2008

When is the last time one brother wins the super bowl one year, and the other wins the super bowl the next year? I think never, right? Good. I'm happy for the Giants. Tom Brady has enough rings. Not to mention that asterik that Don Shula mentioned I think put a hex on their fate. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to watch President Hinckley's funeral. They did have broadcasts around Brasilia but nowhere very near my area. I wish I could have seen it. Was it on TV or did you have to go to a church building to watch it? It was at the churches here, but not at ours. We have a small branch here so we don't get many privileges like that. If you can, send me the new Ensign with the article about President Hinckley. I learned this week what exactly the process is when the president of the church dies. I always thought the senior apostle just automatically became the president (short of being sustained at conference) but it's not exactly that. If this is old news to everyone forgive me, but I thought it was interesting. When the prophet dies, the First Presidency is automatically dissolved and the head of the Church then becomes the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The two counselors go back to being part of the Twelve, technically making it fourteen. They then have a meeting, lead by the president of the Quorum (or the senior apostle, who in this case is Thomas S. Monson) and they have two options: they can decide either to remain as the governing body of the church (which explains why we sustain the Twelve as prophets, seers and revelators), or reorganize the First Presidency. Apparently the meeting is left open to the inspiration of the people there, and if anyone feels impressed that they should go one way or the other, they say so. The vote has to be unanimous. Other than the three years following the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith before Brigham Young was sustained as president, I don't know of any time in Church history that the Twelve have decided to remain as the head of he Church. So when they ultimately decide to reorganize, each of the apostles places a hand on the head of the senior apostle and they ordain him the president of the Church. Each of the apostles has to be present in order for all of the keys to be conferred, because no one of them hold all of the keys, but together as one quorum they hold them all. Imagine being there for that ordination? I really can't imagine. That must be incredible. President Aidukaitis told me that Richard G. Scott explained this process to him, and that there are some other very special, spiritual things that happen during these meetings. So that's all very interesting. I got all three packages. I got one on transfer day and the other two at zone conference last week. And just in time too, it just happened to be freezing here the day I got the package with the sweaters so that was a lifesaver. Thank you! I must say though that it would be perfectly alright with me if I were sent no more pajama pants. I have four or five pairs now, including the ones I came with. Same thing with tee-shirts, for awhile anyway. As much as I appreciate and love everything I get and I love all of you for thinking of me. I just don't have the opportunity to use all of it and I have to give things away because I don't have room in my bags at transfer time. When I start to run out of things I will let you know. Momma and G parents thanks so much for always keeping me in mind and sending me stuff when I ask. I really do appreciate it. Always. If I ask for something small, like the Ensign, and you need stuff to fill the rest of the box, just send FOOOOOOOOOD! I love getting food and candy and anything American to eat. All I want for now are letters and pictures and food. We lived without a refrigerator for my first week here. I don't know how we did it. It was awful. But now we have an AMAZING fridge! I'm SO phased. All Kiger and I do is eat. It's great. We love our fridge so much we put it in the LIVING ROOM instead of the kitchen. Send cereal, candy, whatever. If you've looked at my Wells Fargo account lately you'll see I took 130 Reais out (which should be like 65 dollars I think). That was to fix my bike that was broken and to pay for a bus to pick up investigators to take to church and to buy groceries. I also had to pay a bill in Aguas Lindas just before coming here and that took most of my money from the mission account. It sucks being poor, I hope I'm rich in real life. Well I hope you all have a happy week and happy SUPER TUESDAY you lucky ducks. That's so sad about Rudy. Where do I go now? Everyone give me your dissertations on who I should vote for on my absentee ballot that I'm looking forward to ever so much. Also send Gma & Gpa's my love. I got their letters. Thank you!!!! And tell me more about this baby doll of Grandpa D's.
Lots of Love, Jordan