April 15, 2008

I think as long as we're in the playoffs, I'm happy. It doesn't matter where we're ranked. If we don't make it then I'll be sad, of course. To be honest, I'm much more concerned about next season. I don't mean to be selfish but I will be home for the Finals of next season, so...yeah. I want us to win it all this year as well of course. As soon as there can be (at least) a two-peat. Thanks for the info, Dad. Keep me updated.
I'm not being transferred today but Elder C Nunes and Elder Santos are. Elder C Nunes has been complaining a lot lately that he's getting fat and now he's going to the jungle where it is never below 100 degrees with thick humidity, so he's pretty happy. Santos, who is also getting fat, is going to an area where there is a McDonald's near his house, so I don't think he has a chance. I've been getting fatter myself. There's no avoiding it here. I got skinny in Aguas Lindas. I weigh 80 kilos now. Almost what I weighed when I left the CTM, which was two months of eating candy all day. I and Elder McAllister will stay here and my new companion will be Elder Turner, an American. I prefer Brazilian companions but I hear Turner is a good guy. McAllister's new companion will be this really black Brazilian guy named Elder Santana. There will also be one more dupla added to our area, making six missionaries overall. The new dupla will take half of what was my area. So I have a much smaller area now. That will be good. We need to grow quickly here.
Our Branch is lacking 4 full tithe-paying Melchizedek Priesthood holders to become a Ward. That's all. Our Stake is lacking 1 ward to be divided into a new district, which would quickly become another stake because there would already be enough members. The Temple district is lacking 1 Stake to qualify for a Temple. So you can see how much potentially lies in our small branch here. Unfortunately worthy men who stay strong in the Church and pay their tithing aren't easy to come by. We have an abundance of women but Satan is attacking the necessities.
I'm excited for transfer day! It's fun if you're not being transferred. I'l get to go to the bus station and pick up packages and letters and see Valentine and Day and Maughan and everyone. Always a good time. PLUS, Turner is coming into Brasilia from Palmas which is 13 hours away so I'll most likely once again be staying in Asa Norte for the night waiting for him to arrive, and that means I get to eat at McDonald's )!)!)!)!YEAH!! I'm pretty excited.
OK time's running out on the computer. I must go. I hope all's well at home. I'm so happy Zach is back home now. I'll be sure to send him a letter right away. I didn't know where to send one before. He would be riding Bulls, that _______. I'm glad you guys got to see Christian as well. I'd like to hear from him. And it's always a good time seeing Tim. I miss everyone, they say the Mission blesses the lives of your loved ones.

Lots of Love. Have a great week!

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