March 4, 2008

Gelson Pizzirani, huh? Interesting, he will be my new Mission President? Elder C Nunes says he's been an Area Seventy here. So was Pres. Aidukaitis before he came here. A lot of missionaries are going to be really bummed when Presidente Aidukaitis leaves. It will be weird. I want to know about this new guy. Let me know whatever you know, when you know. If it's in the Church News then I think the bulletin from Presidente must have a little bit of information about him. We'll see.
I haven't had zone conference yet but today is transfer day. Zone Conference is usually about a week after transfers. The good news is that all four of us here are staying! I'm glad you're proud of me, Momma. It makes me happy that I'm making you happy. Soon 15 months will be 14 and then 12 and then 8 will turn into 6 and then 2 then I'll be home, ok?
I'll be sure to write Gpa asap. I've been meaning to write Gpa, Gma Hoon for the last nine months or so. It will be good for me to do that. I think the reason I haven't written them is because I'm always tempted to talk about church. Same thing with Aunt Linda. We know that all of our family needs to be baptized. I think in the future we will have a lot of temple work to do, and I hope it is accepted then. Crystal and Jessica, I need to write them to actually, because they HAVE been baptized and they have an obligation to live up to that covenant. Is no one reminding them of these things? WE NEED TO HELP!
I don't have much of anything really to say about things here this week. Same old. We're planning to have a Baptism in a LAKE soon. I'll be sure to send pictures as soon as that happens. I think I'm gonna get fat in this area. I'm a little worried about that. I'll talk to Sister Aidukaitis at zone conference. I don't want to go to the doctor again. I'm hoping she'll send me to this fancy foot massage/pedicure place that she sometimes makes the missionaries go to. Oh baby.
So tough times for the GOP, huh? Oh well. Everything was so different 9 months ago, and I don't know anything anymore. This is why I didn't register with any party affiliation. When did Romney drop out? What caused it? I'd like to learn more about Hillary. And Obama. Remember, I'll be sending home an absentee ballot in November. I need to make at least a somewhat informed vote. Speaking of that, Dad, when will be the soonest you can send that to me? Who are the picks for you guys right now? Hillary? Is lex still proudly wearing her "Obama for yo momma" shirt? Let me know what happens each week.
About Mother's day phone call...if you guys want we can trade it for anther day when everyone will be home. It doesn't have to be on Mother's day. But that would probably be best. You know what will be great but weird? The phone call NEXT Mother's day, two or three weeks before I get home. That will be fun. We can plan everything for the summer. Please send pictures. I miss your faces. Send pictures of Socks, and that other cat. Lex, I loved your birthday party pictures. Everyone's facial hair looks great. I see Jeff Guymon has wasted no time in growing his beard! Give him my accolades for that. PICTURES....
I love you, family. Have a great week!
ps: I knew blu-ray would win! It's the pimpest. I checked them both before I left, blu-ray is just better quality. The Japanese just know what's up. I should have bought a Playstation 3. Have you guys bought a Wii yet? I can't wait to play video games again someday. Get a blu-ray, pop! You'll be SO phased. Just check one movie, I know you'll be all about it.

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