April 21, 2008

I really wanted to get a haircut today but the Salon is closed because it's another one of those every-other-week holidays in Brazil where everything is shut down. It's almost always a holiday here. Some months have two or three holidays per week. It makes going to the post office and getting haircuts difficult but oh well. I'm pretty sure Brazil will never change. The constant manifestations of laziness by this country are so conspicuous I almost kind of respect it now. I didn't at all before. I mean, yes, we have our Presidents Days and Veterans Days, but the holidays that Brazil shuts down would be the US equivalent of Arbor Day or something like that. They're all taken very seriously. It's so lazy it's amazing. The day I watched a man walk out of his house with a bag of garbage and walk it across the street to a field and light it all on fire and then walk back to his house and go inside, I've had a deep respect for the Brazilian people.
I've enjoyed my first wek with Elder Turner. He is a nice guy. He is from the same group as Elder Maughan, and he is a lot like him. They have the same EFY CDs, they say the same little Mormon swear words, they are both kind of nerdy. It's a nice momento of Maughan. It's nice to be with an American again. I was a little nervous, I've been used to Brazilians. I actually prefer Brazilan companions because I can improve my Portuguese but whatever. A new companionship showed up here so we have six now. The new Elders live in a different house. We had to divide what was my area (the north an west of the city) and give them the north because that's where they live and they don't have bikes, so it's more practical. The problem is that's where almost all our investigators were before. So this week has been all about finding new people to teach and we haven't done a very good job of doing that.
Turner is all bummed this week because the people we've taught haven't been very receptive and we didn't bring hardly anyone to church. I don't understand why Missionaries are so negative. They get upset over the smallest things, and it's all about numbers. It makes me sad because I'm often being made to feel like I'm wasting my time if I'm not bringing good numbers every week. I always try to stay positive though. It's been one of my goals in the Mission to follow President Hinckleys council and not be a pickle sucker, as he said. Meaning people who love to suck sour pickles and they say sour things and think sour thoughts and depress you. This Mission is full of pickle suckers. So I keep a happy face and tell my companion everyday (literally it's been every single day since he's gotten here) not to worry, everything will work out.
Anyways, the good news is that I get to talk toyou guys soon! Three weeks now right? May 11th I think. We might just have you guys call our ell phone so we can stay a home. Tha will be fun. It'll be Sunday, so let me know what hou works for everyone. Will you be in California for Gpa's Birthday? I think thats what you said. Oh man, I'm excited.
I bought a box that I want to fill with candy and chocolate and send you guys but I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't because of Dad's diabetes stuff. What do you think, Pop? Is it worth it? I understand if it's not. I'd prefer to not be responsible for killing you with candy. Let me know.
I was on the edge of my seat just reading about that Suns game! Sounds like it was incredible. Don't get down about the loss. Even if we never ever win a championship we'll at least go down as the team that gave the world the most exciting basketball ever. Although a trophy would still be nice. Keep me updated on games 2 and 3 and 4 if it happens before next Monday. Momma I will be praying for your low blood pressure during this week with the elevator going in. Michelle, I'm not sure why I didn't mention this first but the bacon flavored chocolate sounds AMAZING!!!SEND IT IMMEDIATELY. Speaking of haunted houses, there is a haunted house in the mission that my old companion Elder Redd is living in right now. I want to go there. There is a big heart-shaped bathtub in it. Lex, WRITE ME BACK!!!!
I don' have my camera with me today, but I do have some pictures on it. I'll send them next week. I love you guys so much. I miss you. If you want to, pray for my happiness. I need it. I wouldn't usually ask, but I'm feeing like I should. I'm keeping a happy face, I really am. You can help, I promise. Have a great day and week! Jordan
PS: I've been hearing from some Brazilians that Obama is winning these days? Is that true? Ohhhhhhh man.

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