March 24, 2008

Well, the internet went out for the second time in one hour at the internet cafe riiiiight as I was finishing my e-mail to you guys. It didn't come back so we left and I asked Tokinho (the guy who owns the building we live in and the pizzaria done below and gives us free food sometimes and won't get baptized for some reason but aleady lives all the commandments and loves Mormons) if I could use his computer really fast just to tell you guys HOPPY EASTER!! They do have Easter here in Brazil. It's called Pascoa and there is no easter bunny, but there is A LOT of chocolate. All I did at church was eat chocolate. Honestly. All three hours. Amazing.
I'll send a real e-mail next week. But other than that, all's well here. I love you guys. I miss you. Have a wonderful week. Spend plenty of quality time with the Wii and HBO. I know I would. ]
Love, Jordan

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