March 31, 2008

THE letter is all written and in it's envelope and I'm going to send it priority tomorrow. I've been sending letters priority lately because it's only like 60 cents more so, whatever. Let me know if it really gets there that much faster than usual.
Dad, your Aloha Airlines story is one of true heartbreak. I could feel the pain. I'm sorry it had to happen that way. I can say this much though: YOU ARE A BARGAINER! I know you can get that money back. I've told the tale to many a friend of watching you, in your true element, bring the price of the cobalt down by thousands from the sticker price in a matter of minutes in front of that car salesman. And after hearing about all that business with the people who were trying to rip you off after Michelle's car died in Nevada...I have little doubt you'll be reimbursed in full.
This week I was at our Thursday night activity we always have at church and I took a piece of candy out of my pocket and was about to eat it when this little girl who just HAPPENDED to have had the same kind of candy with her, ran up to me and tried to grab it from me, thinking I stole it from her? She got all crazy on me. I was completely confused. I just stood there with my arm up in the air, guarding my candy, trying to figure out why in the world she was freaking out. I was about to just give it to her when she started crying and ran to her mom. Her mom then came up to me, and asked "Elder Hoon, did you rob this child?" I just shut my eyes and quietly said, no". I tried to patiently explain that it was all just a big misunderstanding. The mom understood, but by then it was too late, a bunch of women from the branch were already staring at me. The little girl still hates me.
I hope that Mom and Lex and Michelle have an AMAZING time at conference. I'm so jealous. I would LOVE to be there. Go to the first session if you can. Everyone go stand on different street corners asking for tickets like I did with JJ and Karl and Brock that one time. Is that what you're planning on doing anyways? Someone always has extra. Seriously, go to the first session. Having the chance to sustain the First Presidency in person would be an honor.
Give my congratulations to Jessica. I'm glad she was able to go out that way. Does she really want to go into the pros? Like ...the WNBA? If so, well, alright! If that's what she wants. Does Crystal still want to be a firefighter? I have some great girl cousins!
Yes, yes I'm coming up on a year. I know. Exciting, right? Really I'm coming up on 10 months to be exact. But it will be a year in no time. It's about the time I should start being given some actual responsibilities. Around 10 or 11 o'clock the sun starts getting hot, so maybe I'll be senior companion soon, maybe district leader, or trainer. Yikes. I'm not very excited about any of that. I'm so complacent in my position of quiet junior companion who just answers questions people have about America and occasionally has a spiritual thought to share.
I hear there was an emergency family meeting about my love life while on the mission. Haha. What sorts of ideas were discussed? Any conclusions? I think I already know what they would be. Was there any filibustering?
Alright time to go. I love you guys. I don't know how I feel closer to you more now than I ever have, but I do. Blessings of the mission, right? Have a fantastic time at conference. I'll be watching from a stake center in Brasilia. It'll be fun. We'll have a bus full of members and investigators all going together with us. I'll bring a sack lunch (with NO candy). It'll be a good time. Conference is like Christmas to me now. Is that the dorkiest missionary thing I've ever said? Yikes. OK.
Lots of Love,

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