November 3, 2008

I feel bad for the Huskies, and for Tyrone Willingham. I'm not sure why we're so cursed but at least you know that when you're at the bottom there's only one way to go.
I'll add my testimony to what was said by Joe Biden. I believe as well that whoever wins will face a problem early on. I also believe that the Lord will prepare whoever wins to face conflicts. More importantly, President Monson is prepared by the Lord. I know that if we'll apply in our lives the counsel he's given us, we'll all be ok. For me, I've told myself that if I'm praying 3 times a day, to now pray 6 times. And so forth. Don't forget the words of President Hinckley ten years ago when he spoke of a dark cloud and strange forces that will loom over the earth in a short time. The horrible economic conditions as of late are most likely a part of that prophecy, and I have to believe there's more to come. Don't forget how and why the Lord spared Jared's family when He destroyed the Tower of Babel and confounded the language of the people in the Book of Ether.
Things are good here. We're finding a lot of good people who like to go to Church by themselves without us coming to get them (which is a relief) and they always love it. Yesterday we had a very spiritual fast and testimony meeting. Everyone was in tears. It was beautiful. But no one wants to get married here so no one can get baptized.
Today is transfer day! Elder Cosme is going off to the jungle already, where I've still NEVER been. I don't plan on going anymore anyways. I want to stay in Planaltina. I have no more curiosity to take a 13 hour bus ride to the end of the world where it's 125 degrees everyday and there are flamingos and alligators and LITTLE PINK DOLPHINS IN THE RIVERS (I'm serious, I've heard all about it from several Missionaries). I want to stay here. And I am, for now. I'll be training another new Missionary this transfer and I'll continue as District Leader. I'm excited.
I'm not sure why there was no message from anyone but Michelle this week. Probably because it's Monday. Transfer day is p-day. So remember, every sixth Monday is p-day. The next will be December 15th. I miss you, family. I think about you guys all the time. Send letters and pictures to my apartment. I love you.

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