November 11, 2008

How great that Obama won! True, I can't really judge because I don't know what's going on. But still! That's what I felt was right. Dad, thank you so much for being so kind and giving up your vote for me. That's one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me.
I've been missing home a lot this week. For a number of reasons. One thing, we are having a lot of trouble here and trouble makes me miss home. No one was baptized in all of Planaltina this week. There are 24 Missionaries here and we didn't manage to do anything. I had a Mom and her daughter all ready to be baptized, and Sunday morning (day of the baptism) we got to their house and no one was home. we went to their Church and sure enough! The Mom said she wasn't interested anymore, and said the same of her daughter. I did what I could to help, but maybe the Lord just wants to stress to me how much He truly is in control of this work. He can give and he can take.
We've also been having problems with trust between the leaders and the other Missionaries. Luckily my District isn't having any problems besides the fact that we aren't baptizing as many men and families as we could. We are very united, and I'm grateful for that. The members are also having trouble with the Church leaders around here right now. President Pizzirani is frustrated. Things will improve.
I also miss home because I just always miss home. There is too much to miss. As I've said in the past, I'm not homesick. I've never felt that really, which is a blessing. But I do miss home.
That's all. My pants size for dress pants is between 32 and 34. Varies. But either. I just want a really thin material that breathes well. Nothing fancy. Pleets, no pleets, doesn't matter. I'll only be using them for 6 months. Just to let you know, I'm planning on leaving all of my stuff here at the end of the mission. Clothes, bed stuff, luggage. My goal is to come home with just a backpack.
Thank you for sending packages. I'm so excited for the Conference Ensign! Pray for me and my new companion Elder Chacon. American superleftwing indie rock kid from California who talks like a girl and loves Sufjan but doesn't check Radiohead. I'll send pictures next week.
I wish I could say just how much I love and miss you guys. I pray for you and think of you often. Have a great week.

ps: Brazilian rainy season started this week so I'll be getting peoples' floors and couches wet and muddy all day for the next four months or so. It's gonna be great.

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