December 2, 2008

As exciting as it may be withn the Ward to see all the Missionaries coming home I must request that this information be hidden from me. It gives me this rushed feeling of needing to hurry up and get home. I don't like it. So I ask, please don't update me anymore on that kind of thing. Not your fault, it's my fault.
I'm glad all the Thanksgiving food turned out good. Me and Elder O'Sullivan (who is a Missionary who lives in my house and is from Sequim, WA) would like to ask for some sweet potatoes in the mail. IF ONLY! We tried to have a little Thanksgiving feast in our apartment but it really stunk. We had this chicken stuff. No good. The juice was good though. I drink a lot of juice in the Brazil, you know. It's tasty and I need the vitamins to help my hair loss.
About what you said in regard to the ways the Lord is preparing me for things... the thing that makes me the happiest about having served a mission is the way my work ethic and testimony have grown. President Hinckley said something to the effect of "I can't promise that you will always be happy on your mission, but I can promise you that the learning and spiritual growth that comes on the mission you won't find anywhere else". I can testify of that. I don't know everything, but I can't imagine who I would be had I not come here.
Speaking of this kind of stuff, kind of... I have a question for you, Momma. I've been meaning to ask this for a while now, but I always forget. Do you think I will have a job when I get back? Please don't misunderstand, like I said, I have a much better work ethic now. My motives in asking this are nothing of laziness, rather happiness. I believe that my work ethic will improve and increase even more in the next six months before I come home. HOWEVER, the mission has caused and continues to cause my desire to either be self-employed or work with my family (which I consider nearly the same thing as being self-employed) to intensify significantly. I've made clear many times my reasoning for that, and I hold to the same beliefs today; the mission made that all the more clear in my own mind. Honestly, so much experience tells me that working for someone else (who is not my family) won't be a successful venture for me. So let me know what you think. No pressure.
Dad, you know I'd like/need your opinion on all this as well.
Considering the financial world is heading for ruin and the mansions of the world are soon to be replaced by hoovervilles, I'm anticipating the worst for me in the future. I'm trying to think as President Packer suggests in that talk you guys sent me and get excited about being poor, but I can't help but be a little worried about the future of my children. I don't want them to grow up poor. Therefore, I plan on being a 100% full, honest tithe-paying Priesthood holder for the rest of my life. Important and vital as that is, I know I can't rely on tithing alone; the Lord would surely have me create a plan for myself. I try to do that and I get a little stuck. I want a simple life of quality and integrity when I get home. I know that much. As for how to achieve things, I'm just not sure. I'm retarded I think. For this reason I ask, do you think I'll have a job when I get back?

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