May 5, 2008

Wait a minute now, did I have any kind of accent when I talked to you guys on Christmas? I don't think I did. I don't think I will this time either. I think the whole accent thing is a lie. At least for missionaries in Brazil. Maybe if you go to Mexico it's not. But here, every American I know speaks like an American from what I can tell. Missionaries who claim to have accents are just trying to be cool. There were people at the CTM saying they were getting an accent. It's a joke.
Last night was pretty funny. I was sitting in a hammock talking to Turner and then the cell phone rings and it's Dad! I knew you guys would call, haha. I'm glad everything is all worked out. It will be 2p our time. I'm excited. Apparently you guys will be in California? I guess I"ll find all this out on the phone call this Sunday.
I hear it's all over for the Sun's. Goodness gracious. We get Shaq for the purpose of taking down Tim Duncan and then they go and destroy us in the first round. I guess I'm not that sad about it. After all, I didn't watch any of the games this season. I really don't know what's up. They need this time to work out the kinks because next season I'll be home for the Finals, and we're going all the way. Keep me updated on what keeps happening in the playoffs.
Alright that's all. I'll save the rest for the phone call! Here's pictures. Have a great week family, I love you. Jordan

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