May 19, 2008

I've learned that there is something really special about President Cardon. (Sorry, I can't call him Brother Cardon). His missionaries were a special group, and he's done a lot of good for the Church. Apparently it was him who designed the plan that became the Perpetual Education Fund which the Church bought from him. President Aidukaitis tells us that in his mission, while Cardon was the Mission President, there were missionaries who had the "ministry of angels". They baptized a LOT of people. I've heard stories of entire congregations of other churches being baptized in their mission. Something like seven of the Mission Presidents in Brazil right now were missionaries of President Cardon's. As well as other Bishops, Stake Presidents, Patriarchs, Area Seventies. Plus this Jet Blue guy. President Pizzirani (soon to be my new Mission President) was a bishop in Sao Paulo during President Cardon's era. I don't know if this is true but apparently they, that mission, were responsible for compiling much of what is now Preach My Gospel. He's friends with a lot of the Apostles. And I just remember him walking down the halls of our ward building when I was younger, thinking he had kind of a funny face. Nothing more. Having no idea what he'd done for the Kingdom of God, and having no idea that one of his Brazilian missionaries would someday be a man who would help me so much!
I spent this week in a different city on a trade with Elder Macdonald again. Did I mention him before? He's from Washington. He's been to Bowen Island. We spent some time in a place called Vale do Amanhecer where there is a community of people who have their own religion. It's amazing. All the men wear capes and the women wear long dresses and there is a big lake with a floating pyramid in the middle of it. They have a temple and everything. There is a gigantic "GOD SAVES" written on a mountainside in the city. In their temple they have a gigantic painting of their prophetess and her eyes are rolled into the back of her head and they give you a little Buddha statue if you go through the whole temple. I'd like to take you guys back there. What do you think?
Alright, I'm out of time and the barbecue place across the steet is looking really good. I love you guys. I'm praying for Gpa D. And I'll be sure to take every opportunty I have when the big 100 watt light bulb goes off over my head, Dad. You do too! Keep everyone up on that.

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