May 27, 2008


Hawaii was a good time, huh? I'm glad my absence allows for such vacations. I'm happy for Dad. Skydiving is for men. So is swimming with dolphins. I have to say though I wouldn't be so much afraid of them eating me as I would be of them poking me with their noses. That seems terrifying. There is a river somewhere in our mission that has little pink dolphins apparently.
I will not be going there this transfer, but I will indeed be transferred. I'm going to a city called Cabeceiras, which means head trees. I guess it's a really small town and everyone has problems with the law of chastity and drinking. Even the members of the Church. Valentine has been there while I've been in Planaltina. My new companion will be Elder Saldanha, a Brazilian.
I'll still be somewhat close to the DF, which is good because President Monson is coming to Brasilia on June 2 and the missionaries nearby can all go. The poor missionaries up in the jungle who are 13 hours away cannot. It will be next Monday that we'll go see him speak. A President of the Church has never come to Brasilia. It's so exciting. And it's on p day. What could be better?
I'll let you guys know how all this transfer business works out next week. I'm glad everyone had a fun vacation. I miss you and I love you more than ever.

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