June 9, 2008

Yeah Cabeceiras has it's strong points. Farming, for one. If there ever was or is another article written about Cabeceiras, I'm sure it had to do with farming as well. I guess that the Church farm that I mentioned is the largest the Church has in the world. There used to be an old missionary couple from Tempe that took care of the farm. The Biglers. Everyone here misses them. When they went home was when the Church started to get weaker and weaker here.
So far as helping with that problem is concerned, I haven't been of much help. I got sick AGAIN and have been in bed for the last week. I've gotten better by now for the most part but my cough is lingering still. It's terrible. My chest hurts. There's no medicine in this city so everyone just keeps trying to give me homemade remedies that do nothing. I've eaten honey, I've eaten leaves, I've put a hot wet towel over my face and breathed slowly, I've put an ice cold rag around my neck, I've tried not talking... and all to no avail. Cough drops are the only things that help and that's only temporary. Nothing can seem to get this cough out of my throat.
There isn't much else to update, we did nothing this week. Yes, Sister Aidukaitis is still in the hospital. President told me yesterday she's had some pretty bad migraines. We should all pray for her to get better before they move.
So I suppose now is the time I need to be learning more about Obama and McCain. The thing is, I want somewhat partisan opinions. I wish I would have read their books. Dad, I know you can give me good non-partisan info on both of them, and you should. I'm sure I'll get plenty proBama talk from Chelsea. If there is a McCain supporter in the house, or nearby, have them give me their opinion of why he would be the better choice. I really do not want to make an uninformed vote. And I'll be mad at myself if I don't vote at all.
Alright, is that all? I think that's all. Well, Cabeceiras is without a doubt the worst area of my mission so far. As a city, it's not so bad. It's quiet and peaceful. But as a missionary... frankly I don't understand why President doesn't close this area. I'm doing my best to keep my head up though. And not cough too much. I get to go eat at a really good restaurant for free right now so that's something to be happy about. Also, my Portuguese is improving again after a transfer of only speaking English with Turner and McAllister. That's a good thing. I need to remember to count my blessings.
I have a request... some time ago when my foot pain was getting to the point where Sister said I would have to get surgery, I mentioned it to you guys, and within a week it was gone. I don't know for sure but I believe it was your prayers that made that happen. So I ask, please pray that my cough may go away. Or at least be eased.

I love you family. I'll see you in ONE YEAR!


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