June 16, 2008

Winter is starting to creep into the nighttime here in the Brazil. It's still hot during the day but at night we keep our big window in our room open and I have to use two blankets. It's great. Every night for the last week or so the moon has been framed perfectly by our window so I stare at it for a good while before I fall asleep. It's beautiful and bright and lights up our room. I think about God, and all the amazing things people have done, and how Lance from Nsync is gay and wanted to go to the moon.
We've still been getting over sicknesses this week so we haven't done much, so once again there's little to update on. Remember that old missionary couple I told you about, the Biglers? Well, one of the members who we spend most of our time with, Max, still keeps in touch with them and mentioned to them that I'm from Mesa. The Biglers have since moved from Tempe to Mesa and asked Max for our phone number at home so they can call you guys. Haha. I'm not sure why. I gave the number to Max so you might be getting a call from Sister Bigler one of these days. That should be interesting. She can tell you all about Cabeceiras.
I'm sorry to hear about Ernie having a stroke, I hope he's doing well. I'll remember him in my prayers. And Tim Russert... that's tragic. I liked him. I'd like to read his book when I get home.
How are the Finals shaping up? Lex tells me it looks like the Celtics are gonna take it. It could be over this week, right? I don't know. I've seen NBA highlights on TV once since I've been n Brazil. In Planaltina. They were showing some of the Spur/Hornets series on the news. I was freaking out. It was game 7 and in the end when the Spurs won I buried my face in my hands and everyone starting laughing at me.
I've been missing Planaltina a lot lately since coming here. I really really miss the people there. They felt like family. That's one of the hardest things about being a missionary. Maybe THE hardest thing. Not only do I have to be away from my real home, but when a new city starts to feel like home, I have to pack up and leave. Again and again. It's not easy. But all's well because I know that no matter what I get to go back home to Mesa and my real family.
Momma, I'll pray for your success in your interview at the lawyers office. I bet you'll get the job and you'll do great. Just study those design shows that only have like 1000 dollars to make a room look legit.
Happy Faza's Day, Dad. I hope you get the most out of that Oregano's gift card. Eat a pizzookie for me. Mmmmm. This lady from the Ward made chocolate chip cookies for us this week. A very rare thing in Brazil. They were amazing. I honestly ate like 20 cookies in five minutes.

I miss you guys and I can't wait to see you again in LESS than a year. I love you.


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