September 30, 2008

The rumor around the mission is that ELDER MARCOS A. AIDUKAITIS is going to be speaking at the Saturday morning session of Conference this weekend. As AMAZING as that would be, I accept that it's only a rumor and probably isn't true. Although I do think he'll speak, I just don't know which session. There was another man called to the First Quorum of the Seventy whose name is Godoy (I forget his first name), who was companions with President Aidukaitis in their Mission. Look for him to speak as well. I'm hoping to hear one of the two. Dad, I don't know how you give your Priesthood lessons knowing that Wilford Cardon is there. I wouldn't be able to handle it. I have such incredible respect for him. I have no idea how I'm going to shake his hand or give him a hug or whatever when I get home in what is now 8 months.
Being a Trainer and District Leader is pretty legit. I was all worried about it but it's all good now. I had my first District Meeting yesterday and it all worked out just fine. My Zone Leader is Elder Camacho who is a nice guy, he helps me a lot. Elder Day (who is now an Assistant) did a trade with my companion while I worked with Elder Wright, one of the other Assistants. That helped me so much. I'm learning all kinds of things. It's great. I'm so grateful for all of these wonderful missionaries who help me.
My "son" is Elder Cosme. A Brazilian from Fortaleza, which is in the northeast of Brazil. He speaks extremely fast so I'm trying to help him calm down. He's great though. He's adapting well. He's the only member of the Church in his family and is EXTREMELY happy to be on a mission. It's so much better training a Brazilian than it would be training an American, I think.
This week was busy. We worked a lot. We have to talk with everyone in the street (ALL fathers with kids and ALL families is our goal) because we started with nothing. We're getting by. We're trying to teach at least 50 people a week. We're finding good people. MEN AND FAMILIES...what we need to have a Temple here. There is another dupla of missionaries here to help us. Elder G Goncalves and Elder Reis. Everyone in my District is Brazilian. There is a dupla of sisters in our District as well, who work in a different city. One of them, Sister Cavalcante, had to go back to Sao Paulo for a few days this week because her Dad died. She watched the funeral and then flew right back and went straight back to work. I interviewed a 15 year old kid to be baptized. That was interesting. I was afraid I would say something that would make him not want to get baptized, but it all worked out. He was baptized. It rained like crazy this week after six months of NO RAIN. There's no asphalt here so we were up to our shins in mud. It was great. Elder Cosme was loving it. We brought an ELECT family to church this week. They loved everything, they already want to be baptized. We just have to help the parents get married first. No one here is married.
We have a somewhat small branch here. There were 60 people at church this week. That's better than some places I've been. My first week in Cabeceiras there were 10 people at Church, including the missionaries. I like it here. We have a great Branch President. I gave a talk in Church this weekend about repentance. My companion had to give a talk too, on his first Sunday in the field! He also had to give the Gospel Principles class. He's a great missionary. Extrememly obedient, and loves to work. It's awesome.
That's all for this week. I'm sorry to hear the economy is in ruin. But good to know Gma D took good care of her money a few months ago. The Lord is responsible for that, without any doubt. I hope things are ok when I get home. I'm gonna need a job. For now, I don't know my apartment address here yet, but I'll be sure to get that to you next week. P DAY IS NOW TUESDAY. President is changing all kinds of things, it'a good though. No pictures yet, but next week!
Keep me updated on my fantasy football team!
I love you family,

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