October 7, 2008

This week I got all four boxes that you guys sent. Thank you so much. Particularly the shirts, I was needing new shirts very badly. The food mostly goes to the Brazilians. (I only have Brazilians in my district!) A can of Pringles is 10 reais here, which is out of control crazy, so they are appreciative very much. For the abundance of peanut butter M&M's too. Give thanks to Gma & Gpa Hoon as well. I think I will write them a letter today. Summer 2009 is going to be so great with them in AZ. I'm excited.
I watched all four regular sessions of Conference in Portuguese for the first time in my life. It was good but sometimes the translator would speak really fast and it was hard to understand, and I missed so much hearing the voices of the First Presidency and the Twelve. I have to hear Uchtdorf talking about the FATHALAND in his own voice! It's just not the same.
President Aidukaitis' talk was so great. I felt like I was in zone conference. I was so happy to see him. I loved what he said about people who don't read the Book of Mormon: "Not reading the Book of Mormon is like getting a letter from your father and not even opening the envelope". Classic. I love that man.
He told me the story of his father's conversion once in an interview. He mentioned that he still keeps in touch with the son of the missionary that baptized his father, who lives in Salt Lake City. President Aidukaitis' father was that missionary's only baptism in three years of missionary service. He returned home feeling like he hadn't done anything and that his mission had been served in vain because he discovered that that one baptism had fallen away from the Church a short time after his baptism and supposedly that was that. However, years later another missionary showed up at Antony Aidukaitis' house and invited him to repent and come back to church. He did, and never again fell away. From that there has come two Mission Presidents (Brasilia, and the other one in Salvador), a Stake President and now one General Authority. Think of how many people have come from their service, and the service of the people whose lives were changed because of them, and their posterity. Incredible!!
The talk that was most touching to me was Jeffrey R Holland's talk about the Ministry of Angels. As he spoke about how there are Celestial Angels and Mortal Angels it made me remember all the ways I've been helped in my life. As I fasted and prayed to receive answers to questions in my life at Conference, I felt comfort and increased faith that I would truly find what I was seeking. I can testify that I received a very clear response to a question I had from the Prophet himself, in his last talk on Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful. As always, as soon as possible, please send the Ensign of this Conference. I'm dying to re-read everything!!
I miss you guys more than ever. I can't wait to see you again. I hope you know how fast the next 8 months is going to pass. We'll be talking on the phone in just two and a half months. Exciting!!
Lots of love,

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