September 22, 2008

Travis Barker?? Crazy. God did not allow him to die because he is (a)an incredible drummer and has much yet to accomplish (maybe even a Blink 182 reunion??????) and (b)because he is a baptized member of the Church and maybe this experience will bring him back. Who knows.
That's too bad about the stock market and Bolivia and all that. It's all interesting from my point of view because I'm far away from everything and nothing happens in Brazil. Part of me thinks it would be fun to be evacuated from my mission to another country. Remember when I told you about President Aidukaitis giving us those instructions about emergency evacuation from Brazil? The same instructions are given to missionaries the world over. Amazing to think that somewhere they actually had to use it.
The map of Obama/McCain states is great (yes, it showed up) and now I'm curious to learn more about each of them. I need your help, family. I want to make an informed vote. The debates will be tight, I'm bummed I'm missing out.
But there is plenty to report on in the mission today. Today is transfer day, my entire group has gone crazy. Along with several others in the mission. FIRST OF ALL, I'm leaving Villa Planalto. I'm opening a new area called Arapoangas where there hasn't been missionaries before, and there I'll be District Leader AND I'll be training a new missionary. It's a little crazy but I'm confident I'll do well. I'm kind of glad to be leaving Vila Planalto, but I'm a little sad because I love the Ward here. I'll miss the Elders Quorum. It's amazing here. Best Quorum in the World! Only deep doctrine. Amazing. Sad. BUT Arapoangas is part of the Planaltina zone! My dreamland! So I'm happy to be going back there finally. Elder Valentine is also going to be District Leader and trainer. Elder Barton trained last transfer and will probably keep doing what he's doing. And Elder Day was called as an AP. Crazy, CRAZY.
I don't have time to write much else. I'm sorry. I have to pack my bags. Just know I'm excited and happy. Pray for me that I'll do a good job. Send me PICTURES for comfort, please! I love you all.

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