October 21, 2008

I don't really have time to say much this week. I'm sorry. My p-days are so hectic now. I'm running around the whole day. But there isn't a whole lot to say about this week anyways. The pictures show the highlights. The woman and the girl in the picture of Carlos' Baptism (his Mom and Sister) will be Baptized this Saturday. Unfortunately they couldn't be Baptized with Carlos this week because they both had emergency female situations that I'm not familiar with. Hildeni (the Mom) said that she was frustrated with her Church and had been praying for days for God to show her another path, and we showed up. The Church is true.
I love you, family. I promise I'll have more to write next week.
Love, Jordan
ps: pictures are here......
#1 Our beautiful Chapel in Planaltina
#2 Hildeni, Carla, Carlos (who was baptized this Sunday!)
#3 Me with my American flag that Eli sent me in the mail
#4 Me with Valentine
#5 Me with Elder Leite (who wanted me to tell you guys thank you very, very much for sending so many nice things to a poor Brazilian who you don't even know)
#6 Me with the second Counselor CHILLING at Presidente's house before lunch on Sunday

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