October 14, 2008

Worry not, Mother, I'm being very well fed. There's a restaurant in Planaltina that gives a discount to the Missionaries. We eat there a few times a week. It's amazing food. There is a thing called "churrasco" (shoo-ha-sko) here in Brazil that I'm going to miss so so SO much when I leave. It's like barbeque, only better. Dave Larson and President Cardon certainly know what's up. I'll have to eat at the Rodizio Grill a lot next summer. I imagine the food will be one of the hardest things to part with when I come home. But it'll be nice to be back in a place where there is more variety and food is less expensive. A donut in Brazil is 8 reais, or 4 dollars.
I love fast Sunday. I went to two Sacrament meetings this last week and bore my testimony both times. I have no idea how I'm ever going to speak in Church if it's not in Portuguese.
I would give you guys a synopsis of my daily life if it wasn't so unexciting. People think missionary work is all miracles and incredible spiritual experiences--and that is some of it--but there is a lot of walking from place to place and asking for directions and people not being home and, in my area, a LOT of dirt and mud. So I try to only mention interesting things in my e-mails. And I realize those things aren't always that interesting.
Oh here's something. this week the four of us were all asleep in our room at about midnight when a rock come flying through our window and got glass all over our beds. Nobody was hurt, but it startled the H out of me. Satan doesn't want the missionaries to sleep well. The next day we talked to a 16 year old kid walking down the street and invited him to go to church. He went, and liked it a lot, and now he is going to get baptized next week. I'm pretty excited. We're hoping his Mom and Sister get baptized the next week.
I have to say, I'm so honored to be in Planaltina. I've been here on and off in my mission, and this is where I want to stay until I'm done. We need to work hard and baptize a lot of people here. Particularly men. We need 60 tithe paying Melchizedek Priesthood holders in the Planaltina District to have a Stake. The District President, Leandro (who was also one of President Cardon's missionaries and one of President Aidukaitis' companions), was telling me on Sunday that he was talking to Pres. Aidukaitis on the computer and he had mentioned that President Monson sent him (Pres. Aidukaitis) a message asking "How's Planaltina?" President Monson is very aware of Planaltina and the fact that a Temple in Brasilia (which would serve the entire interior of Brazil) depends on this District. There are currently 11 Stakes in and around Brasilia. We need 12 to qualify for a Temple. It all depends on Planaltina. It all depends on 60 men. If only the world knew how important this is and how close we are! The PROPHET wants a Temple here, GOD wants a Temple here. There is no Mission President in the world more closely watched than President Pizzirani.
As it turns out, I've got even less time to work here than I thought. I found out this week that my last transfer is going to be a 5 week transfer. So I'll be coming home on May 27, 2009. A week earlier. That can be good news and bad news. Sometimes I'm REALLY excited to go home. Sometimes I'm kind of bummed.
Dad, I'm not able to use any websites besides myldsmail and the Church site for missionary referrals. So I'm not able to do the voting online thing. Today I sent you back the form you sent me to get ready to vote. As soon as you can, send me the ballot at my apartment address and I'll send it back priority.
I'm glad to hear the Stock Market is slowly repairing itself. Is everyone poor now in the US? All I hear from people here is that everything is in ruin in the States. I don't know what's going on. I hope I can find work when I get home. At least for now I have a good job.

I love you family, I miss you always, Jordan

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