February 25, 2008

Two things have sparked my interest in family history. First, every so often I look at that pedigree chart I was told to bring with me, and try to think of everything I know about my ancestry. I can never seem to come up with enough. I want to know as much as I can. Very rarely do we talk about family history work here because so few people have computers, and there's no family history center so there isn't much purpose. Besides, that's something for people to worry about more after they're baptized, so we leave it up to the members to help the recent converts.
The second reason I've become interested in family history is because my testimony has grown a lot here, and I want to serve the Lord more. I would go to the temple everyday if I could. I hope you guys are going.
This week in particular my feet have been in a lot of pain and I'm thinking about calling Sister Aidudaitis and asking about going back to the doctor. Around Christmas I started having that same pain I had back in August when I was in Cruzeiro. I didn't think much of it but now it's starting to hurt to walk and ride the bike, so I think I want to know what's going on. I'm curious more than anything. I don't like calling Sister and I don't like going to the doctor.
Elder C Nunes is so phased by my ipod that he wants one for himself. He asked me if I wanted to trade for his little media player thing. EXCUSE ME?? I couldn't believe it when he asked. He doesn't understand the way I drove my first ipod home going 40 miles per hour on the freeway so it would stay safe. That was 2003. He wants to know if there are 40 or 60 gig (fourth or fifth generation) ipods that you can still buy. I told him I didn't know because they have the iphone and the new ipod now and all that, but I said I would ask home. Have Michelle figure that out if you need to. He is rich and really wants to buy one.
So, about Shaq...it's looking alright? I don't need to be nervous, do I? Is he gelling just fine? I really hope this leads to what he claims it all to be, and isn't just a pile of hype. He talks a lot from what I read in those articles Dad sends me (thank you, by the way). Have you talked to Laurie about this? What is Mike's real feelings? Is Shaq gonna be Hoon Family Thanksgiving this year? Ok enough questions. I know it looks like we don't seem to have the magic of the last few seasons but we're still up there with everyone in the west. I'm not worried about the Spurs anymore, but I worry about the Lakers. If this isn't the year, then next year (when I'm home for the Finals) will be.
I'm sorry you're stressed and busy, momma. I would be helping you if I could. I pray for you guys everyday. At least Dad is making the dinners lately. I wish I could be home for all this. I miss you guys.
Have a great week. I love you!
ps: Have you heard back from Zach yet? If so, and it looks like he doesn't really have a place to call home, let him come live in my room. He needs a place where he can keep his faith high. I'm thinking about writing a letter to his family. It breaks my heart that they would kick him out for being baptized, I feel like I should do something. Let me know if you get a hold of him. Jordan

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