February 11, 2008

Well just as we sat down we were just informed that we have to leave right away and go with Elder Santos to the bus station because Elder Kiger is being emergency transferred for some reason and Santos can't stay alone. SO I have no time to write you this week. Hooray! And it just had to be a week where I had TONS to say. Shaq!?! I have a mountain of things to say just about that alone Ugh. C Nunes and I might come back to the internet cafe tonight but I doubt it. Patience, momma! You'll hear from me soon enough.
Happiest Birthday ever to my big sister who I love and miss so much!!! Thank you again for saving me when I almost drowned and for being a good influence in my life in so many ways. I'm sorry I don't have enough money or time to send you fancy presents. I wrote you a letter though. I hope you like it. It should reach you soon. 27 is an epic year. Be glad your not(very) famous because a lot of famous people die at 27. You should be alright. Also, I'm pretty sure the Suns traded Marion for Shaq just as a birthday present for you. So have a wonderful birthday, I love you! Jordan

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