October 30, 2007

Yes yes, Momma dear, I got the Halloween package and all the e-mails. Don't worry. I loved everything in the package. I keep Dead Ed in the cupboard so whenever someone opens it he crawls out onto the floor. Pretty annoying ha. I'm sorry I couldn't e-mail last week. I actually was in the middle of writing you guys when the connection went out and they told everyone in the internet cafe to leave. So that was that. Chances are if you don't hear from me one week it's not because I'm dead on the side of the road somewhere. Probably not at least. Guess why the connection went out? Because it was RAINING. That's right. That's Brazil for you.
I baptized a pregnant girl last Sunday. An 18 year-old girl named Sheyla whose husband wears big camo pants and didn't come to the baptism. Her mom and brothers are members though, and they were there. I'd never baptized anyone in my life before. I was a little nervous, but more worried that her 6-months pregnant belly wasn't going to go all the way under the water. We didn't have much in the font. It did, thank goodness, and I managed not to mess up any of the words in the ordinance. Then I baptized a guy named Ronaldo, who is 22. One 22 year-old Ronaldo baptizing another 22 year-old named Ronaldo. I wasn't as successful at pulling it off legit this time. I forgot to tell him to cover his nose so the whole motion was really awkward.
I had to walk this week because we didn't have helmets to ride the bikes (which is apparently a world-wide missionary rule that we were never aware of and isn't in the missionary handbook). Helmets are really expensive here because nobody wears them, only professional bike riders who live in Sao Paulo. There's none of that in Aguas Lindas, but everybody rides bikes. I didn't mind getting a helmet but our Zone Leaders, Galbes and Guimares who spent the week with us said they didn't have the money, and Redd didn't want to wear one, so the pain I developed in Cruzeiro is now back with a vengeance. I was with Elder Guimares who likes 2pac and Kanye West. He's a good guy. Redd was with the AP (Assistant to the Presidente), Elder Galbes, who is fat and ate most of my peanut butter after I showed him what peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are. Galbes and Guimares have left and Redd and I are still walking because he likes it. I don't open my mouth and complain about anything. I have to say that despite how much I genuinely do not like this, I do have a sweet and simple testimony that I can tell is growing. I can say that I feel more akin with the Lord, who suffered more than anyone, when I suffer here. And that, if nothing else is good. I'm also so happy to hear about the blessings at home for you guys, and for my friends. I heard about Zach getting baptized. I want to fly home and give him a hug and tell him I love him.
Lex, I'm proud of you for registering to vote. You're proBama, huh? That's great. He's a tight guy. You should read his books (I didn't get the chance to before I left) and talk to Chelsea about him. She's the expert. Stay up to date on politics, it's such a fun thing. Inspiring too. And it may spark your interest in history, as it did for me. The two often go hand in hand. I think I will maybe even want to be a history major when I get back. Follow in spench leg's footsteps. I miss you and the pictures of Socks in his costume made me miss him so much. I hope school is going well for you. Sign up for some interesting classes next semester. One class I always wanted to take was world religions, but never did. I wish I could be there to help look up fun classes with you.
Dad, thanks for your letter with the story of the man named Hazard. I want to read more about that. We should definitely go there and see that monument. I want so badly to learn more about history, it's killing me. I hope they never stop building that Burj Dubai. I think you should buy a condo there. Seriously.
By the way, Michelle... did you hear that Jonny Greenwood is doing the score for There Will Be Blood?!?!?!?!
I love you guys. Have a wonderful week, and Happy Halloween!
p.s. - talking to Fagan'a mom is definitely cool. I love him. I want to read some stories she has from his mission if you get any.

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