October 8, 2007

First and foremost,I FULLY concur with this idea of Socks being a pumpkin for Halloween. I can already imagine him a fat orange blob; his little face with a blank stare and a passive MEOW escaping his cat mouth as he rolls around the house, baffling Josie. Ohhhh how I miss home.
Did everyone enjoy Conference??? I absolutely loved it. The anticipation was like Christmas and it lived up to it and then some. Every talk was good. There was only one talk I didn't take notes on. I'm so happy that Henry B. Eyring was called to the First Presidency. His counsel has alway seemed to fit so perfectly into my life at the time I hear it. He'll serve wonderfully in that calling. I've been praying for him. Of course the Prophet would call the tightest guy as his counselor. Before conference, there were some things I'd been praying to know "in a sweet and simple way" and the answers to those prayers came hearing the words of the people who spoke. Just simple things I felt I needed clarity on in regard to my own testimony. I don't know whose talk was my favorite, I CAN'T DECIDE!!! All I knew for sure was that I didn't want to leave, I could have kept watching late into the night. Proof that there simply is no substitute for the sweet edification that comes only from the Spirit. That I am grateful for!
To watch conference we went to our Stake Center, which is in a city called Taguatinga not far from here. There was a classroom set up with a few chairs and a TV for the American Elders and whoever wanted to watch in English. No one I knew was sure we would have the chance to watch it in English. We had to wait until we got there to know, and Praise The Lord! Not only were the talks all wonderful but I am happy to report that Boyd K. Packer and I have the same tie. That's right. I think this is as close a kinship as I'll ever have with a Prophet of God.
Thanks to our Brasilheiro Zone Leader Elder Freitas, we almost missed out on our opportunity to see this conference. He told us last week if we didn't have any investigators to bring with us to conference, we wouldn't go. Well, Elder Redd took this to heart and nearly exercised it. Both Saturday and Sunday we had no one to come with us. We tried, even going out early to wake people up and ask if they'll come with us. Elder Redd even started asking people on the street on the way to the bus stop to the stake center in Taguatinga, making us a little late. No one. Redd was sooo bummed, he said he felt so embarrassed that we were walking into the building by ourselves. Only today, in our bulletin from the Presidente, have we found out that we in fact should NEVER miss a conference session for any reason, nor should we ever let our families miss one. Presidente is wise.
Anyways, have a wonderful week. Watch conference on the DVR over and over again like I probably would be. Do they have it in HD yet? Ohhhhh man that would be too legit. I'm guessing no. Maybe someday. I love you guys. Jordan

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