October 1, 2007

So we taught a naked guy this week. That was interesting. He was literally completely naked when we walked in the house. He put a towel on when we said we'd like to begin with a prayer.
The "ciclista" by our apartment sells cruiser parts. Only parts, not whole bikes. I'm thinking about piecing one together throughout my stay in Aguas Lindas. There's a store down the street called "the buying and selling of parts for bikes" that I imagine must have something I could use. The bike I have now is starting to completely fall apart so I need to get to work on this beach cruiser.
We made friends with the greatest person a few days ago! We were lost looking for a house late at night, and it was nearly time to go home, so we asked this man walking down the street where we could find "Raquel's house" and he said "yeah, right here" and he took us into his house. He wasn't Raquel, he was just drunk. He had a store in front of his house he took us into first. It had caskets all over it because he sells caskets. We thought it would be a good place to leave "Plan of Salvation" pamphlets for people!!!! He showed us that, and then took us in the back where there was a room with a table for cutting up bodies. Turns out he's a mortician too. It was the creepiest room I've ever been in. Steel everywhere, blue-ish lighting, little spots of blood here and there another room that had more caskets, one that had blood all over it. They're all vampire style too with the long, hexagonal shape. He asked us if we wanted to see an autopsy/embalming video. Apparently he tapes all of them. I promptly said no but he insisted and ran his drunk self back to his little house and put a burned cd into the dvd player that turned out to be his very own hip-hop. He played it really loud and told us all about the "meaning behind it". He samples a song from the Lion King. He had choreographed dance moves to it. He showed us and then we told him we had to go. Amazing.
I'm afraid my legs aren't doing any better yet. My feet are getting worse, and are actually starting to look a little weird. I have sores all over them and my skin is all rough and leathery and discolored and there is more pain than before in both feet. It was my right foot that gave me the most trouble before, now my left is getting bad. My knees feel raw and destroyed and the tendinitis gets bad a few times a day. I told Presidente Aidukaitis at Zone Conference last week. He says he'll pray for me and hope for the best. I love Presidente. He's a wonderful, inspired man. He always has a lot to tell me and likes talking to me. He says he loves me like a son. Between he and Sister Aidukaitis I'm being well taken care of so there's no need to worry.
I have an interesting story from Zone Conference I want to tell you about but we need to go to lunch right now at a member's house so you'll get another e-mail from me in a couple of hours. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaace Familia
I just wrote you guys my nice long part 2 e-mail and myldsmail.com timed out. So, I'm sorry. I'll have to write you next week. I'll tell you that fun story later. I love you all, I miss you all the time. Have a good week. Parents, have fun in New England. Socks isn't looking much bigger yet. I probably won't get a chance to e-mail Gma, Gpa Hoon this but I got their package this week. I love it!! Tell them thank you and that I love them. I wish I had more time to write them. Michelle, write me about stuff, and things. Do it, do it right now. The new Radiohead is coming out soon??????? Tell me about this business. Laterlatlatlatlatlater!!!

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