October 15, 2007

In my opinion, the person to ask about Halloween costumes is Michelle. She'll give you a good idea. When you asked, I was tempted to tell you "be a missionary"! Then I immediately thought "wow, I'm a fag". I'm so proud of you for getting 100% on your sociology paper. Those papers are fun to write I think. Was it the nine page one about your wants and needs in a spouse? That might be next. That ones a good time. In mine I put a cute nose under the needs section. I figure it's a need because if I don't end up with a girl with a cute nose to cancel out my ugly nose, our kids will all have weird noses. I can't allow that. Tell Mike Green I love him and miss him. I'm glad s-cakes has my address now. I'm curious to see if anyone will use it. Maybe that girl who works at the salon nearby who comes in all the time will see it and write me. You know, the married one who I thought was saying hi to me that one time but she was just waving at someone behind me? What a babe. I'm sad I'm missing Halloween. I miss you.
I miss you, momma. I ate something this week that somewhat resembled your sugar cookies with the really good icing. Made me miss you. That would be something to send me if it's possible! It really isn't necessary to send me too much of anything though. Of course I appreciate it all, but I don't know that I need all these drugs. My feet are doing better on the outside. The problem with taking medicine right now is that it's dengue season here so the mosquitos are out in full force and we're told not to take any anti-inflammatories that thicken the blood. They attack us in the night, it's awful. You should set out TONS of Halloween decorations. I think Halloween might be my favorite holiday. I just love this time of year in general. I know you do too. Seriously, take Lex to Target and buy as much as you can. I can't wait to see the animals in their costumes. I miss you more than ever, Momma.
I'm so jealous of you going up to the top of that tower where Paul Revere hung the lanterns. That sounds like fun. I wish I could have been there. I want to study Early American history soooooo bad. I plan on making Church history, Early American history and World War 2 history my primary studies when I get home, while continuing to be educated on politics. Is Hillary still pulling ahead? I'm so bummed I'm missing such a good football season. Redd and I talk about football every once in a while and it always makes me miss home. I'm also bummed I'm missing good baseball playoffs too. I was just kind of getting into baseball before I left. Figures the Dbacks would be doing well. Maybe it's the new colors. Goodness gracious basketball season starts in two weeks!!!!!!!! How is pre-season looking? How are the bigtime rookies? How is Nash looking? Go to as many games as possible!
I heard about Owen Wilson trying to kill himself a while ago. About a Halloween costume for that? I don't know how you could recreate it. I don't even know how he did it. Just get yourself a weird nose and walk around telling everyone how sad you are that you made movies like Shanghai Knights. Is the new Wes Anderson good? I bet it is. Be sure to go see the new P.T. Anderson movie too. I don't know if it's out yet. Hajax tells me the new Radiohead is all he could have hoped for. Do you feel the same way or is it no big deal? I don't know if I already said this before but tell Casey I said hi. If you already did, tell her hi again. Maybe just give her a hi once a week from me. I got the same theme from conference. Every talk seemed to reference the message of the restoration in one way or another. Which may be nothing, but I recognized it nonetheless. Maybe they always do that. I don't know. My favorite talk was Eyring's on Sunday morning session. I love him. This internet cafe is extremely hot, and I'm hungry, so I have to go. I wish I could sit and talk and talk and talk to you. I miss you. Impress many with your costume.
I love you guys. Have a good week. Tell the Gparents I love them. Jordan

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