September 24, 2007

Well there isn't much to say about Aguas Lindas. I don't think it really means Beautiful Waters, I think it means "Armpit of Brazil." I have a nice blue bike with hot pink handlebars. Something different breaks on it every day. My second day here the brakes broke so I had to stop with my feet all flintstones style for a few hours. I lost count of the number of cars that almost hit me, Ha. It's nice enough here I suppose. Apparently there are a lot of baptisms here. Despite that, there aren't very many members of the Church, only enough for a branch. A branch needs 120 members to be made a ward, and it's pretty close to that I think. There is a big family that lives near us and a few of them have joined the Church. We're at their house every day, sometimes twice a day. There are these five women there who are always doing each other's hair and reading magazines, and they're always happy to see us. They offer to make us food the moment we walk in the house. We don't always say yes! Seeing the members of the Church here makes me happy. Just like in Cruzeiro. It feels like a safe haven where we know people and they'll give us water an let us use the bathroom. Elder Redd is fine, he's a short fellow, shorter than Hajax. And stalky. I think he has midget body. He used to play lacrosse in high school and never wants to grow a beard. He really makes good eggs. He flips them in a pan like pancakes. I like it. So clearly my fantasy football teams defense is the bomb. That makes me happy actually, more than you know. I wish I could discuss it with you, Dad. Nothing would make me happier than to go get something to eat with you and talk sports. Grandpa should be there too. I daydream about little things like that. Oh, and I LOVE AMERICA SO SO MUCH.
Lex, I miss you more than anything in the world I think. You're probably at the top of the list. Above Socks, above the Suns, above HD. Even more than Ryan Adams. By the way, thank you for the Easy Tiger sticker. How is the Album? I'm still dying to hear it. The new Rilo Kiley too. Is it legit or what? So, I really hope you are doing well in school. Are you? Tell me all about it. Tell Mr. Peterson I said Hello! Thank you for the poem it was beautiful. I love you.
I must go. I love you all. Jordan

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