June 15, 2007


There are a few nice things about the CTM. If you asked me my favorite thing it would have to be the Brazilians. They're insane! I don't see them much during the day, only in passing, but when the sun goes down....ohhh baby. All the Brazilian missionaries strip down to their underwear and start climbing up the walls and yelling and screaming and singing in the shower and they can't say anything without ending up with a backflip or doing something obnoxious. It's so great! But that's only a few minutes of my night I get to see that, then it's back to my room. Everyone here does this wrist flick snap thing. I've been working on it, and hurting my wrist in the process. The Brazilians are all amazing at it, of course. Did I mention that I am the ONLY person in my district of 7 Elders and 3 Sisters that isn't from Utah. To think, I was so happy I didn't have to go to the Provo MTC. I come all the way to Brazil to be hooked up with a group of Jazz fans. Ughhh. My companion is a fellow named Elder Valentine, we're together 24/7 and he has a severe case of stupid face. But I'm learning to love it. As far as going to the bathroom goes, he insists on standing in the bathroom, rather than outside, and waits for me to finish. Goodness gracious. I'm trying to teach by example and wait outside for him, but he's not catching on. This is just one misery while you're in training here. Worst relationship of my life so far. Hopefully it will get better as we get to know each other. I miss you! I love you all!

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