July 11, 2007


How about I just name all of my kids Apollo? One can be Apollo 8, another Apollo 11, and the youngest can be Apollo 13. I'll make sure they're all famous soccer or tennis players or some kind of international celebrity. Did Lex get my letter? I sent it through this sketchy guy at some bakery down the street instead of through the post office, so if she didn't get it that's my bad. Are you telling her and michelle how much I love them and miss them everyday? I do. Tell Socks the same. Heck, tell Pebbs too. Is Josie dead? I can't believe that story about Amare almost being traded for KG. That's crazy. You know I'm all for KG in the purple and orange, but not for Amare. In my next letter I'll send home pictures of stuff. Prepare for anticlimactism. I had a dream that I saw Marshall the other night. I bet Jonny is all smiles now that he's back. If you ever see him, say hi for me. I love you guys, I'll await your package and letters.

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