July 25, 2007

Mom and Pops,

I have one story for you this week....Our new Brazilian roommates are amazing. We've named them Hitler and Rommel, I'll tell you why. In our room there is me, the very famous and illustrious Valentine, Elder Greene, and Elder Fagan. In our nine weeks here we get two pairs of Brazilian roommates, for three weeks at a time. The first guys were awesome. We loved them, it was a sad day when they left. But then these two new guys showed up. Valentine and I were sitting around in our underwear eating candy and cheetos and they come walking in. Not even hi or hello, the first thing they say to us is "Elders, we must clean this room, we must do it." We tried making conversation but these guys weren't having it, they would just point at a bag and say " start with this, put it away right now!" Greene and Fagan walk in and the first thing they hear is "Elder! Where is your companion?? You cannot be in here!" They are infamous on our floor. Even other Brasilheiros hate them. The other guys in our district are in the room right next to us. The have some of the coolest Brasilheiros around. A few nights ago they pounded on the wall on the side our nazi Brazilians sleep on until one of them got up and went over and knocked on their door. They opened it and said "Elder! Where is your companion???? You cannot be in here!" and slammed the door shut. So great! Well, I'm out of here in just under two weeks. I'm looking forward to meeting President Aidukaitis, I hear he's a tight guy. All the teachers at the CTM know about him, even if they didn't serve in Brasilia while he's been Mission President. There are all kinds of interesting stories about him. By the way, good move on the Passat. That's too legit. Send me a picture of it. Tell Lex and Michelle and Jonny and Chelsea and Zach and EVERYONE who's going to Ryan Adams in Salt Lake City to have an amazing time. I'll try to make it but I doubt I will, I don't get much time off. Oh well, I love you guys so so much. Have a good day.

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