August 20, 2007

Note that I am using my new myldsmail address now!
Week two was not much different than week one. No baptisms or anything noteworthy. It's awfully hot for being wintertime. Because of the language barrier, when we are in people's homes I rarely say a word. Elder Maughan teaches the less, I might give the opening prayer or say a thing or two about Joseph Smith. Anyways, I'm not much help yet. I told my companion that if you compared music to the gospel, the Beatles would probably be Jesus and Radiohead would be Joseph Smith. He told me to Repent!
I attached some pictures of the CTM, my district, and some views of Sao Paulo, oh and some of the little house we are living in right now. I withdrew some money from my account for the first time today, glad it works. I went to see Dr. Mario this week about my toes going numb and he said the same thing you did. I have a pinched nerve. They're gonna make a strip to put in my shoe (on my insole) to take the pressure off the ball of my foot. Elder Maughan had to translate every thing for me since he didn't speak english. Time to go, I love you guys. Have a good week!

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