August 27, 2007

NEW CAT !? Oh my, Do you have a name for it? Lex, you can make that Tornado Kitty if you want. Would you like to know something? There are dogs everywhere in Brazil. EVERYWHERE. It's amazing. I honestly think I could count one hundred per day if I really paid close attention. If you walk around long enough you might see a family of dogs hanging out by themselves in the park. It's so awesome. I saw a dog and a horse interacting the other day. Greatest thing ever. Yesterday I was walking on a sidewalk that had big trees hanging over so I could get some shade, and I think there must have been a nest in one of the trees because a bird swooped down and hit me in the back ofthe head. It completely freaked me out. I heard a squawk and down it came again. Hit me twice right in the head. I took off running after that. I did get the birthday package. Thank you so much for that. I actually got it on my last full day at the CTM. What Luck! I've been enjoying it's contents. Forgive me for not thanking you sooner. I love it. I'm looking forward to other packages and letters. They are lazy about delivering mail from the mission off to the missionaries homes so I might not get them until the next zone conference. As for what Julie said about learning the language and then having trouble remembering how to speak English. That doesn't sound very nice to me. My companion says the same thing, he can't remember English words sometimes. It freaks me out. He loves it. Dad, let's talk politics. Tell me what's been going on in the race. Anything exciting? Who's been looking better or worse lately? Tell me about basketball too. Are there any important trades or anything I should know about? What' up with the stock market? I heard something about it having a really bad week the week I got to Brasilia. Are you so stoked for the Huskies to start playing? Who do they play first? By the way I miss you a lot. I miss talking. I love that you're crippled. That's hilarious. I've been trying to get you to be the old man that you are for years now! I love you Pop. Lexa!?!? I have to be brief, but do all you can to keep that wierd Albino cat living in my shower. I want him to hiss at me when I get back. Tell me all about school. Did you end up taking any of those classes on tha fabulous schedule I dreamed up for you? If you're taking Sociology of Marriage and Family, do you love Mr. Peterson? Tell me everything. Also, (very important) I would like to inform you of an amazing word I've stumbled upon in Portuguese. It is "batata da perna" which means "potato of the leg". It's the word they use for calf. Amazing. I LOVE YOU! Momma, thank you so much for you encouragement every week. I always appreciate it. You did born me, that's true. Maybe I'm smarter than I give myself credit, I don't know, we'll see. I will send more pictures soon, I love you very, very much. Have a good week, family. Be good.

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