August 25, 2008

Another one of those wonderful, magical weeks where the computer stops working just as I have everything written and ready to send. It's ok. Nothing very important happened this week. Tell Chaz Wright I said good luck. There is an Elder Wright in this mission, he's an AP. Maybe that's a good sign for Chaz. Something I can't wait for is to see the new missionaries that will be going out when I get home. I'm gonna have to talk to President Gulbrandsen about what we do in our stake for missionary preparation. I hated the missionary prep class before I left. We need to get everyone excited about the work, especially the guys that are leaving soon. Trainings and practices and all that fun stuff.
I saw a trailer for a movie called Love in the Time of Cholera that looked amazing. Reminded me how I still haven't seen There Will Be Blood, and how I still haven't heard the soundtrack, and how I still haven't heard In Rainbows. I'm not complaining. I don't mind. But man am I excited for all that when I get home. Ok I need to focus. FAMILIES AND MEN IF WE WANT A TEMPLE.
I got in trouble this week because of the Olympics. The day that the US beat Brazil in women's soccer no one would talk to me on the bus. Then the same thing when we won in volleyball. Everyone here loves Michael Phelps though.
I brought my camera to send pictures but it's taking wayyyyy too long to load. We have to go. I'm kinda ugly anyways. I'll try next week. I love you, family.

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