September 1, 2008

Guess what I'm finally gonna do! A girl in the Ward here named Marciele and I are going to teach a free English class in the chapel. I've always wanted to do that. Should be interesting. Don't worry, my companion will be nearby. Marciele is a babe so I get kind of scared.
Momma, don't worry about the video game thing my old companion was asking about. Don't waste anymore time looking for it. I ended up reading the scripture to him about how "many are called but few are chosen" because "they have their hearts set so much upon the things of this world". I got fed up with Brazilian companions asking me to ask you guys if you could buy something unrealistic like an ipod or a psp. Happens all the time. They want you to buy it, send it to their name here in the mission, then give me the money to send back to you guys. Complicated. And annoying. Elder A. Nascimento asked but I more politely this time explained that I won't do that kind of thing anymore. I mean, ranch and barbecue sauce I don't have a problem with . But a psp?
I'm a little sick right now so I need to get out of this hot internet cafe before I get dehydrated and die.
I wanted to say that I'm sorry if you guys get at all annoyed when I only talk about keeping the commandments and that kind of thing. Maybe it is a little irritating, but I know it's important. I just want you guys to understand that SATAN WANTS TO DESTROY MY MISSION AND MY LIFE. That's become VERY clear to me here in Brazil. And I don't want that to happen to anyone I love. I know the best way to combat him is to be good about the small things. If you are obedient in the small things, you're much less likely to fall due to something big. You're less likely to fall at all. Like I said before, if we would simply reserve no place in our hearts for the desire to sin or break the commandments, Satan has no power over us.
This church is the only true church because it is the only church on the earth that has the Priesthood. We brought a Catholic lady to church last week and when we visited her later she said that it was very similar to her church. She said that one of the talks sounded exactly like what her Padre says. We explained to her that the only difference then between the two of them is that one has authority and other does not. We went on to explain about the apostasy and the restoration of the Priesthood. I felt pretty good about things until we were leaving and the lady's niece stopped us and let us know that she's a little bit retarded:):):):)and has a lot of trouble remembering things and that we should not come back. That was a little bit of a let down, but at the least explains why she didn't understand very well what we were explaining. Dad, I like that phrase you told me about when you don't get what you want, experience is what you get.
In answer to your questions... no it doesn't bother me at all that you guys don't call me Elder. I don't want you guys to call me that. I believe the neck size on my shirts is 16. I am kind of in need of shirts. ONLY short sleeve ones though. One of the biggest mistakes of my mission was bringing all the stuff I brought on the mission. I made a list of things I feel like I absolutely NEED. It came out to about 25 things. And a good number of those things I plan on leaving here. I don't plan on coming back with luggage, just the backpack that I bought here. Maybe a few things in my hands. I was an idiot to come here with three bags. I give everything away.
Do a lot of people still come visit? Does Jonny still lock himself in my bathroom for 15 minutes with the guitar every once in a while? I hope so. Everything sounds great back home. I need pictures! I love you guys. Have a great week. I will pray for Zach, please do the same. He'll come back.

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