July 7, 2008

I wish that everyone would go on a mission so that they could see how deep the love is that they have for their family. Sometimes I just get caught away in my love for you guys. I hope that doesn't sound silly. I think about how there will never be an end to that love and I'm overwhelmed. I miss you guys. I'm not homesick. I've never really been homesick. But I think of you guys all the time in the most wonderful way. You're often my "spring flowers in December" or whatever. You know. All I mean is.. I love you guys.
This week has been good. The area is very nice. Elder Gailey is a great missionary and we're doing well together. We baptized a 15 year-old boy named Adison on Sunday. Our area is part of a ward (which is amazing in itself) that is, unfortunately, a little bit far away from the chapel. There is a bus that takes everyone to and from church for free. But our goal is to get a branch opened here. It's ideal. The members are great and it will be a strong branch that will surely become a ward very quickly. As always, we just lack worthy men. We're working on that though. My buddy Leandro, whom I met in Planaltina, just moved to Vila Planalto. So we get to work together again. That will help a lot. I mentioned this before but I found out a few weeks ago that Aguas Lindas recently became a ward! I'm so happy about that.
President Pizzirani is amazing. Short, but amazing. I met him just yesterday for the first time. He and Sister Pizzirani introduced themselves and the President gave a lesson on the Atonement that was wonderful and inspiring. He used a lot of great scriptures. Then he started talking about the changes that will be made in the mission. This is where the test came for a lot of missionaries. President Aidukaitis told us very clearly that we need to be obedient to every change that is made with President Pizzirani. And basically his vision is very much quality over quantity. President Aidukaitis was the opposite. He just wanted us to baptize everybody. So long as they were at least 8 years old and hadn't killed anyone, we baptized them. And we baptized A LOT of kids, I don't have time to give my detailed opinion on how things were and how things will be, but I can say that I am definitely excited for the future. President wants us to care for each investigator as if they were our own child. He also wants us to work for integrally with the members and ward leaders. That will be so great. We've been needing this.
I'm out of time on the computer. I'm sorry I have to be brief. I'll have more time next week. I love you guys. Jordan

ps: I got the package with the Ensigns and peanut butter and everything. The Brazilians are very happy. Thank you!

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