January 7, 2008

We didn't get a toaster but we did get this thing called Walita that grills sandwiches. It' nice. Makes our dinners a little fancier. I'm not sure why the mission bought them for us, it seems a little extravagant. Especially considering I didn't ask for it. I only asked for a washing machine and a new fan. I asked a few months ago. I think they gave some out but not to us here in Aguas Lindas as of yet. Did you know there are no dryers in Brazil? None whatsoever. It's the strangest thing. They don't know this exists. There's a setting on the washing machines that spins the clothes really fast and that gets most of the water out but everyone still uses clotheslines. Thank you Momma for doing all you could to find me nice shirts. They will work just fine I'm sure. The forearm strengthener torture devices too. I'm excited! I'm especially looking forward to some fresh white shirts. Did I tell you about how at church a few weeks ago there were 17 sisters that asked us if we wanted them to wash our clothes for us? 17. I counted. Aguas Lindas is a dirty place. I'm looking forward to the three boxes. Even if they had nothing in them. Getting packages aways ticks other missionaries off. I love it.
We had a special conference on Wednesday with not one, not two, or three...but FIVE Aidukaitis'!!! It was madness! Presidente's older brothers were there and their wives. I shook one of their hands and all he said was "your hand is your pocket". I baptized a little girl on Saturday, it was nice. I felt like I was going to die of an anxiety attack, but it was nice once she was baptized. We had lots of cake and hot dogs and soda. It was also the baptism of a little boy named Andre' who just turned eight. His dad is in the Branch Presidency and his wife speaks very good English. They are rich so we had a party. This branch is all about parties. We should be more like that at home. With the little girl (Juliana) and her sister being baptized, that completed their whole family. Six more people in the Church. The parents were inactive but started going back two weeks ago after we started coming by their house. All four of their kids are now baptized. If they go inactive again I will shoot myself.
I love the football news. Keep me updated on it, Faja. I hope for the best for Brett Farve too. He's a legit guy, he deserves the trophy. New England sounds like the tightest though so I don't know. My prediction is New England and Green Bay in the Super Bowl. I'll be phased either way but I can't help but kind of root for Green Bay. Right? My partially-educated prediction for the NBA Finals this season is Suns vs. Celtics. Am I right about this or what? I think so. If it's San Antonio and Detroit again the ratings are going to start going way down for basketball. San Antonio and anyone for that matter.
Spench Legs and LEXA!!??!!??!!??!! I will write you lovely ladies more next week, I promise. I have to go right now because Elder Leite takes very little time on the computer and is sitting here waiting for me and I feel bad. I caught a glimpse of B. Spears on TV being taken away in an ambulance and a bunch of paparatzi chasing after the ambulance. It was so funny. I thought of home. I love you guys.

Receive this bag, Jordan

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