December 31. 2007

The best moment of the year for me was talking on the phone to you guys. It reminded me that YOU are the people I really want to spend my time with when it comes down to it. As Michelle said in her e-mail to me this week, I love our extended family very much, but it's the five of us that are more important than anything. I spent the last week of 2007 in a place called M Norte about 30 minutes away from Aguas Lindas. The M doesn't stand for anything. It's fancy there; all the streets have asphalt and every house has a ceiling. Elder Atkinson was my companion. American. Nice enough guy, but then he took my ice cold water out of the fridge--that was for me because I like to cool off when I'm in the Brazil--and started adding warm water to it because "it's too cold, elder". Then he ate my last oatmeal cream pie. Which I had because it was in the package from Hajax and Chelsea that was waiting for me at the house in M Norte when I arrived. That was awesome!!! They put a bunch of little cards and TWO ties and goodies in it. I loved it. I'm back in good old Aguas Lindas now. I think that when you live somewhere, it only really starts to feel like home after you've left and come back home again. Home is a place to return to, and Aguas Lindas feels that way now. Don't worry, Mesa, AZ is still home in my heart. Like how Tim always still says Arizona is his real home. Well, have a great New Year's Eve, family. Don't watch ABC. Dick Clark really freaked me out last year. I hope they're having someone else do his show this year. I love you all, Jordan

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