November 19, 2007

All I know is that while I'm tired and been in Aguas Lindas for two months now, it hardly feels like it. I'm still new at this despite feeling old and dirty already. So now my fantasy football team is showing everybody what's up? Here are some more pictures. There are two from when I was sick Wednesday morning. Some others are from the Bolo Macho we did sometime during the week, I forget exactly when. That was really fun. Bolo Macho means Man Cake. A bunch of guys from the branch made cakes and they were judged on looks and taste and the winner got a trophy, then everyone ate the cakes. I got to be a judge. I took it very seriously. There are also some pictures from the baptism we had yesterday. The girl with the dreadlocks is Thais (Tai-ees, not Thighs...), and she's one of the smartest, most receptive people we've taught. And she' only 9. I was really happy to see her get baptized. We baptized another little kid named Henrique as well.
As for Christmas list business, all I really want is the new Radiohead box set for In Rainbows (and for it to be left in my room somewhere where it won't gather too much dust) and the DVD of this last general conference. And letters, and pictures of Socs and Josie and Pebbles. I miss them. Oh and for the SUNS to win a championship. I think that's all.
Michelle, link me to this most-modern basketball allegory social critique blog thing. If you have any questions about basketball, please feel free to ask. Or talk to Hajax, he knows more than I do. Your day out sounds so fancy. Did it maintain best day ever status or did it end up crashing and burning? I hope not.
Lex, Yaaahhhh daaaa hilllllllllllzzzzz.... Did Spencer and Heidi break up? Is Lauren still kind of a babe? I want to date her when I get home. Mischa Barton too. Set me up? Ashley Olsen, she's the less pretty one, right? Isn't Lance Armstrong like 40? Yikes. Brazilian style. All the married people here have these incredible age gaps. There are 30 year-old men with 16 year-old pregnant wives. That's not everybody, I shouldn't say "all". But a lot. Members of the Church too. Britney Spears downward spiral just keeps getting better and better. For me. For the public. I think it's about time someone makes a documentary about her. I will do this if no one else does.
I have a bunch of good videos I wish I could send you guys. I'll try that next week but I doubt it will work. Maybe I'll make a CD. I want pictures from the festivities this week. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I love you guys, George Glass

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