September 18, 2007

Today at 5 o'clock I'll walk myself with my bags to the Rodoferroviaria to get on a bus that will take me to a place called Aguas Lindas where I will spend at least the next 6 weeks with Elder Hedd, who is apparently short and stalky and used to play lacrosse. I'm going to miss Cruzeiro. I'm going to miss the food. Aguas Lindas isn't necessarily "the boonies" but it isn't as nice as Cruzeiro. In the last six weeks my Portuguese has improved somewhat, I've seen what is apparently the wealthiest neighborhood in Brazil, called Sudoeste, and the poorest/most dangerous neighborhood in the mission, which is a place called Estrutural. We went there once, it was interesting. The missionaries are in good with the gangsters so we didn't get robbed or shot or anything. Nobody got all O.J. on us! A girl from there was baptized, her name is Paloma. She has yet to be confirmed because getting from Estrutural to the neighborhood the ward building is in, which is called Octogonal, is a difficult thing. Especially when you're poor and might get shot leaving your house. Well, I have had it with my legs. I have to sit down and get up like an old man because of the soreness in my knees. I think Aguas Lindas might be a bike area so that will probably help. I hope all is well with everyone. I love you guys so much. I miss you. Keep updating me on sports, politics, animals, etc. I love reading about. Update me on my fantasy team, pops! I got the package, it's wonderful. Thank you for the peanut butter. That's quite the commodity here, it's like R$25 so no one has it. I am perhaps the only one. Have a good week.

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