March 9, 2009

Don't worry, Momma. I've gotten very accustomed to teary-eyed women. Sister Pizzirani cries all the time, so did Sister Aidukaitis. S. Pizzirani is worse. But not worse than some of the women in the wards and branches I've served in. There are some people who just can't seem to be able to talk from the pulpit without bawling.
As for transfers, both Elder Brown and I are sticking around. I'm happy about it. I like this area, and Elder Brown is great. We're both really looking forward to this transfer. We actually have a few families and men already in mind that can be baptized very soon so we're expecting success this transfer.
I think our greatest success' this transfer have been gaining the confidence of the members and getting them more involved with and excited about the work, and also this 19 year-old kid named Thiago (chee-ah-go) who has been in from out of town visiting his uncle the last few weeks and has decided now after several times going out and walking around/working with us that he wants to go on a mission. He wasn't sure before. He was planning on coming here to go into the army but that hasn't worked out as planned. He's feeling a really strong desire to serve a mission now and wants to go as soon as possible. Last night we sat down and gave him as much counsel as we could about how to be a missionary. It was great. I'm so happy for him, and proud of him. He'll make a great missionary. He goes back to where he lives in Goias tomorrow but I'll be sure to keep in touch with him. I'm hoping he'll get his call before I go home.
As for this week, it was a slower week. Fewer people in church. Fewer new investigators. All the numbers were low, but I try not to concern myself too much with that because I know we've been working. We can work harder though, and we're going to.
If Grandpa's condition worsens and we're not able to go anywhere in the summer as a family that's alright. He's more important. I'll be happy to help take care of him too. I plan on taking little weekends and going to California and (maybe) Utah (to see Michelle and my missionary buddies there). We'll find some fun things to do even if we're not able to go everywhere as a whole family.

Love you, family

ps: Mom, if possible, write out some of these entries from Gpa's journals for me to read.

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