February 24, 2009

I pressed the power button on the computer as I was trying to find the USB port just now and off went the computer along with my email. Genius! It' ok though, I wasn't talking about anything too important. I was just talking about how great zone conference was yesterday, and that I somehow managed to hear the song "The Reckoner" by Radiohead YET AGAIN in the Brazil! Drove me crazy the rest of the day. Just so everyone knows, my love for Radiohead has perhaps doubled during this time of my mission.
Last but not least... YES I do have my passport. Well, the mission does. It's been in the mission office since the day I got to Brasilia. They give it back to you at the airport the day you go home. Good thing considering my tendency to lose things. So yeah, it's in safe hands. Plan away!
By the way, now that you've got me all curious about these fancy plans being made for this summer, feel free to let me know what's going on! You don't have to, but still. I'm allowed to remember that I'll be home in only a short 12 weeks. Eeeek. Exciting/scary. I may be needing this "step down" program.

I love you family,

ps: - Dad, yesterday I got your letter telling about your Civil War book. All I can say is keep them coming! I loved it all.
pss: - I'm asking for pictures of family and/or Socks.

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