January 20, 2009

Every once in a while I get an e-mail from Tim if something momentous happens in sports. This week I get "CARDINALS IN THE SUPER BOWL", followed by Mom's letter which mentioned the same thing. I can honestly say I cannot believe it. I don't believe it. I still think this is a joke. Is it a joke? Be honest with me. It can't be real. If so, DAD, TIVO THE GAME FOR ME! PLEASE! At least burn it onto DVD along with President Hinckley's funeral and B. Obama's Ignauguation. So many wonderful things happen when I go on a mission.
Once again I have no time to talk. I have a million things to do on the computer in a short amount of time, and then I have to get on a bus and go to Brasilia to have my monthly interview with Presidente. I'm excited. Although I'm not excited for running around town doing all of my usual p day things in only a few hours. I still have to shave.
I'm really excited about the Cardinals. They're gonna win. (Speaking of that, who does it look like will win the fantasy league?) I'm really excited about having a new U.S. President. I'm happy that Maxwell went to visit and that Elder Chacon's Mom sent you guys an e-mail. They are not from the military, they are just very rich. His Dad is a Real Estate Agent. I'm especially excited that Grandma Hoon is reading the Book of Mormon. Please tell her that she can know for herself that it's true if she will just open her heart and pray to know. Anyone who wants a testimony of the Book of Mormon will get it, but they have to actively seek it.
I love you, family. Have a great week.

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