December 30, 2008

On this matter of travel you've mentioned, Dad...
You can blame my outrageously well-traveled companion for the following thought process. (He has seen everything from Prague to the Great Wall of China. I sit there freaking out when he tells me all about Italy and how Australia looks just like the US. He's been to Hong Kong! Dad, do you remember when we watched the thing on the travel channel about the Hong Kong airport and decided we NEED to go there? Well, we still do.) I want to see everything in the world. The way I like to think of traveling is to plan things as if money were no object and we had an unlimited amount of time. Then look a what is truly feasible and scale back from there. I plan on doing as much of this as possible throughout my life starting as soon as I get home.
Not just because of my companion, and not just because of Dad's page on my fancy calendar, and not just because of my obsession with maps that I developed at a young age (though these are all factors), but also because I've had the opportunity to live in some very poor places in Brazil and live without a lot of nice things for this season of my life, and that, I believe, has given me the most incredible desire to travel the world and see everything. I don't mind if every birthday and Christmas present I ever get for the rest of my life is a trip somewhere, I just want to see things.
I'm sure I'll end up making a list. Michelle and Lex, tell me where you think it would be fun to go. Not only do I want to go to new places, I want to see a lot of the things I've already seen so that I can value it the way I really should have at the time. I won't bother anyone on this subject much beyond now, today. I just want everyone to know my thought process. If anyone wants to bring this up with me later, feel free.
Speaking of places we've been, that is really sad about Fernie. That could either be an easy way to go-if you just get hit by an avalanche and die instantly-or a really awful way to go, if you're buried alive. That's horrible to think of. I don't know if I'll ever go snowmobiling.
As for Christmas... it was so great to talk to everyone. SO great. I was so happy. I didn't cry. I have yet to cry during or after family phone calls. I just get really happy. I was so happy afterward that I went outside and just started teaching this woman out of nowhere and I read 2 Nephi:31 with her and invited her to get baptized and all this great stuff. She lives in another city, we'll see what happens. Dad, I hope you're enjoying your Kindle. It sounds incredible. What did everyone else get? I hope I get some pictures soon.
As for boxes, Mom, I must make a few changes. I don't want anymore chocolate and candy and unhealthy stuff. As much as I've appreciated everything that has been sent to me so consistently throughout my mission, I need to make sure I don't get fat. Ever since we got out packages last week we've been eating nothing but Pringles and chocolate. We're getting FAT. I get up in the morning and do exercises and then I eat chocolate! So please tell everyone else who would send me a package to please send healthy things. If possible. If nothing healthy to eat can be sent, just send PICTURES! Pictures are the best.
A healthy food suggestion for all: there is this granola cereal that I like to eat here called Kellness. It's made by Kellogg's, I have to imagine it's in the States but I don't really know. It's sooooo good. If you want to send me that I would appreciate it a lot. Granola bars too. Always remember of course that you don't have to send me anything, only pictures of Socks and family are the things I will consider required.
Happy New Year for everyone. Remember that 2009 is the year I come home. Don't forget..... I miss you always, family. I pray for you. I love you.

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