April 7, 2009

First, just before I forget, about you guys deciding when I'll call on Mother's day... you need to remember that I am not able to call you - you have to call me. Plus, I'll be needing to set things up here with my companion because he has his family too. As a matter of fact we've already got our location planned: we're going to use the phones at this business office owned by a member. Assuming I don't get transferred of course. It's very unlikely that I'll be transferred. I'll more than likely "die" here in Aguas Claras, but who knows? I'd be fine with it if I stayed here for my last transfer. I like it here. I love the members. I'm familiar with the addresses and I feel very comfortable, Elder Brown, on the other hand, he's almost certainly on his way out of this town. He's already been here longer than me. I always miss my companions.
Remember! Next Monday is transfer day. This is a short transfer, it's ending a week earlier. My old companion Elder C Nunes is going home, and so is Elder Tenorio. I don't know if anyone remembers me talking about them. I'll miss them.
As for me going home, the reason the mission office hasn't called yet is because everything got screwed up when I went to get my visa renewed like a year ago and that's halted things a little. I'm not sure what it was but they messed up on something in the office and so me, Valentine, Barton and Day are going to the airport early tomorrow morning to get everything fixed. I'm excited to meet up with them. As soon as that's taken care of I'm sure you'll hear from someone. I know things are moving along fine with making sure I get home when I'm suppose to because I got a phone call from the office early this morning asking which airport is closest to my house. I felt old.
Speaking of making sure everything is normal for my coming home, you might want to get a hold of President Gulbrandsen and make sure he's going to be in town the day I get home. There was an AP here that went home from his mission in November and when he got there his Stake President was out of town, so he had to wait another week to be released! Look, I love being a missionary, but I don't like the idea of being at home and still being a missionary. I think I would have some anxiety problems.
Now, as for conference... what a wonderful weekend! I was able to watch in English. It is so sooooooo much better in English. In Portuguese it's terrible. It's not their voices. It's not Elder Holland's voice, with all the emotion. Both Elder Brown and I feel that the best session was Sunday morning. It started with Uchtdorf's talk, which I loved. "Discipleship is not a spectator sport". Then Elder Anderson's talk. He was TOTALLY my guess for new apostle! I was so excited when he was called. Then Elder Holland...wow. Let me just say, Elder Holland has a power to speak that is just undeniable. I am always amazed by his talks. I don't think I've ever heard anyone speak so beautifully about the Atonement. Then President Monson's talk helped me to feel greater love and appreciation for the Savior as well. There were many other wonderful moments. Please save a copy of next months Ensign for me (I know it's all over the Church website and everything but I want to keep a hard copy). I'm particularly excited that the next conference I'll be there in person. At least I hope so. I plan on going up to Utah to watch it all there. There are so many Brazilians who would give anything to do that and just don't have the opportunity. I can't take it for granted.
Stella went to conference and loved it. She's currently being taught by the sisters where she lives. One of them used to be in my district when I was in Arapoanga. She's in good hands. We'll see her once a week, every Monday after our district meeting.

I love you! Have a great week.

p.s. - I got the Easter box. Thank you. We're gonna use the Easter eggs to give candy to the primary kids on Sunday. Tell Hajax I was more than blown away by his long letter, and that I'm writing him back today.

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