August 11, 2008

I ate a double whopper today, in Brazil, R$17. Amazing. I'm so full right now. I've been doing exercises in the morning that help me feel healthy, but I've definitely gained a little weight this transfer. I think I'm back up to the weight I was at the time I left home. I need to go off to Palmas and the jungle where it's 100 degrees and humid. Elder Tenorio is being transferred there tomorrow. We only spent three weeks together. Strange. My last three companions I've stayed with for less than one transfer. Not since Planaltina have I had a companion for a full transfer. I still think about Planaltina all the time and I wish I could go back there. It's my favorite area. We'll have to go there when you guys come with me to visit after the mission. Although I don't think you'll find it very beautiful. It's nothing really. I love it. But there's nothing to see besides people.
LET'S DO THIS: I'll come home normally, you guys will pick me up at the airport in AZ, and I'll come home and see everyone, Dad and Gpa Hoon and I will take a picture together (if possible), I'll sleep for a while, maybe we'll be cliche' and eat some Brazillian food. I don't know. Then LATER we can come back and see Rio and Sao Paulo and Brasilia and all that. Sound good? You guys can meet President Pizzirani. It'll be fun. I wish you guys could meet President Aidukaitis. Maybe in Utah at Conference but I don't really know how that works.
My new companion will be Elder A. Nascimento. Another Brazilian. I'm excited. I know him a little. He's a good missionary. It's only his second transfer but he's apparently got some major missionary style already. I hope I can teach him some things. I'll probably end up learning more from him. If you guys have ever been at all curious as to where I'm at in regards to the hierachy of the mission, I'm just a normal senior companion. I haven't been made a leader of any kind. Only Elder Day from our group has become a leader.
The mission needs the phone numbers and addresses of Bishop Boyer and President Gulbrandsen. I also need Mom and Dad's cell phone numbers because I've forgoten them:/ so please send those in the email next week.
Other than that I have nothing to request this week. My companion however would like someone to please look and see how much something called a "playstation PSP slim" is in American dollars.
I'm trying my best to be good and be a good example. And I'm trying to do so humbly, not just in a way that people will notice. I don't want anyone to be like the people I teach who think God is really great but they don't ever DO anything. It's so pathetic. I know I am very weak and need to improve all the time. Families have eternal destinies, but if they don't ACT like it they fall short. President Pizzirani taught me that Satan is powerless to do anything so long as you have no desire to sin. So we need to DO good things so that we don't fall into a mess of sinful desires and ruin our lives and allow Satan to lead us by the hand into some false peace. We'll be judged by the desires of our hearts. If the Terestrial Kingdom is the desire of our hearts, and our works prove it, that is where we'll go.
I don't say this to sound like I'm the next apostle or anything, but I really do want so badly to be pure. The pure in heart will see God. The last talk given by President Aidukaitis here was about how to see Jesus Christ in this lifetime. Ever since then I've been trying to purify myself. I hope this doesn't mean I'll come home weird. I don't think so. But I am, nevertheless, trying to be good.
I hope everyone is happy and safe back home, because I certainly pray for it everyday. I love you guys so much and miss you. Send pictures. Lots of pictures.

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